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Security College US

1629 K ST. Suite 300
Washington D.C., 20006

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Non Profit Security College US


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Our goal is simple:

To provide the tools and road-map to succeed and create successful stories relating to numerous security issues in government institutions, military, police, and civil/private industry to strengthen public safety, and security to all citizens in Latin America.

Non Proft Security College US

Strategic Educational Partnerships

The future awaits you with Security College US. Each year new and recurring students in law enforcement, military and private security sector from all over Latin America and the Caribbean arrive on our campus full of hope and ready for the challenge of enhancing their knowledge, education and graduating as true security professionals. Each year they obtain their certifications and diplomas in diverse areas of security programs offered by Security College -US headquartered in Washington, DC, its representatives and strategic partners throughout Latin America. They leave us with the knowledge and tools for postgraduate research, purpose, and their commitment to improve the future of safety and security to those they serve and protect.

Join us and experience what Security College US can do for you!
A Certificate or Diploma from Security College US is your best cover letter.


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Simposio de Seguridad y Proteccion de Infraestructuras Criticas y Estrategicas

Mgtr Arturo Grandon

General Director

Security College US



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Security, Democracy, Development and Hemispheric Defense education is our mission. We specialized in the areas of Public Safety and Security, Cybersecurity, Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism and new emerging technologies in these fields.