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About US

​Security College US is a NON PROFIT Academic Training institution, based in the United States of America, open and independent, which preferably provides access in Spanish, to higher quality education in all the most relevant areas of Security (Security) , Electronic Security and New Technologies, Occupational Risk Prevention (Safety), Business Management, Cyber ​​Security, Disaster Management, Project Management, Studies on Terrorism, Risk Management, Intelligence, Criminology, Prospective, etc., in an environment international, face-to-face, semi-face and online mode. It is the mission of Security College US to train ethical, professionally competitive and committed to the progress of society and respectful of Human Rights.

To meet the high standards and training objectives that SECURITY COLLEGE US has imposed, it has a group of selected Doctors (PhD), International Consulting Engineers (Civil and Military), specialists in Security, Electronic Security, Security & Safety, and varied military and police issues, in its staff of teachers, who have extensive knowledge in the different areas of security, industry connoisseurs and in-person and on-line training.

SECURITY COLLEGE US already has the recognition of several companies and institutions of international order related to the Electronic Security Industry, Physical Security of Facilities, Safety and Prevention of Occupational Risks, among others.

Security College US has regional representatives in various Spanish-speaking countries.

We provide international consultancies to Government Institutions, Military, Police and Security Organizations, on various topics, such as: International Humanitarian Law, Women's Rights, Gender Violence, management and analysis of training programs for Police, Military and Government


High-Level Electronic Security for Military
Cyber Threats for Military Networks
Information Security Risk Management I
Information Security Risk Management II
Cyber Defense
Cyber Terrorism
Cyber Crime
Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructures
Online Investigations Techniques, ISO

​And more...

PROTECTION Career Track (Classroom Courses)

1. Strategic or Management Level
* Strategic Intelligence and its application in the Protection Corporate Assets
* Proactive Analysis - Construction of Extreme and Risk Reduction Scenarios for Protective Operations, Decision Making Process.
* Strategic Decision Making and Strategic Planning based on Implemented Protection System

2. Operational Level or Chief Protection Scheme/System
• Protection Operations - Management of a Protection Scheme/System
• Protection in High Risk Areas
• Threat and Risk Assessment in Protection Operations
• Protective Intelligence – Advanced Intelligence and Counter Measures/Intelligence
• Area of Operation Intelligence Preparation
• Planning and Methodology of Conducting Protection Operations
• Terrorism Procedural Methods in Protection.
• Stress Management in Crisis Situations
• Procedures Against Kidnapping and Negotiation.
• Use of Technology in Protection.

3. Tactical or Escort Level / VIP-Principal Protection
• VIP-Principal Protection Operator
• Threat and Risk Assessment in Protection Operations
• Advanced Protection Operations
• Tactical Medicine
• Explosives and terrorist artifacts detection
• Stress Management in Crisis Situations.
• Evasive and Offensive Management.
• Defensive engagement
• Use of technology in Protection.

4. Public Level or General Interest
• Family Protection security scenarios.
• Residence Protection
• Protection of Educational Institutions
• Protection in the use of Social Networks
• Stress Management in Crisis Situations
• Kidnapping and Anti-Kidnapping measures
• Responsible handling of weapons


Security College US offers a wide range of courses and professional training programs in different areas of Electronic Security. The student(s) has the option of taking courses offered in classroom, online or combination of both. The courses we offer have great approval in the Electronic Security Industry and are in high demand from private security companies, government, armed forces, law enforcement and public safety entities, which require these services. This is one of the most requested categories of protection worldwide.

We have technical courses of:

Installation of alarms.
IP video surveillance.
Perimeter security.
Access control.
Biometrics for access control.
Gate and barrier automation.
Introduction to Home Automation.
Electronic Fire Detection Systems.
Operator of Monitoring Rooms.
Wireless networks and links for Security.

Proprietary Degree Programs:

EPSEI: Professional Expert in Integrated Electronic Security.
SPMI: Security Project Management.
Diploma "Computer and Cyber Threats in the Supply Chain"
DIASE: International Diploma in High Electronic Security.

MCSSE: Master’s in Security Sciences, Electronic 

Security College US of the United States of America.

The Security College US, also known by its acronym as “SCUS”, whose CEO & General Director is Mr. Arturo B. Grandon, NON PROFIT since November 2, 2019, offers the highest quality academic training in Spanish, to the members in active or retired status of the Armed Forces, Police, Security Organizations, Government and Public Organizations and entities, independent professionals, and civilian personnel in the safety and security field and those interested in a career in these fields.

The goal and focus of Security College US is to provide the student with the highest level of educational and professional training.

We provide our Courses and Programs for Certificate, Diploma and master’s utilizing in-class, online or combination modules of instruction. All of our certificate and degree programs are OWNED and PROPRIETARY of Security College US.

We have a wide range of courses and programs in these security areas:

Security Guards Continuing Education.
Disaster Risk Management (GRD).
Supply Chain Security.
Hotel and Tourism Security.
Educational Facilities Security
Security for business continuity in case of disasters.
Critical and Strategic Infrastructure Security.
Business Intelligence
Security Challenges and Trends Management
Security Project Management, PMI methodology and ISO 21500.
Diploma "Computer Threats in the Supply Chain".
Diploma in Citizen/Public Security.
Diploma in Civil Protection
Diploma in Food Defense.
Diploma in Integral Private Security
Terrorism Studies Certificate
IHL International Humanitarian Law

Training with courses and programs, specially designed for the Armed Forces, Police, Forces and Special Security Organizations.

At Security College US, we are aware of the important work carried out by this staff. For this reason we have developed special programs in order to keep them up to date on different Security issues.

These issues are of great importance and help in their current work, but without a doubt a significant challenge and of great value, is that our Professional Training will leave these fully qualified personnel to perform in civil life, once they are retired.

The reintegration into the civil labor world. It is a subject to which Security College US gives great importance, because our purpose is to collaborate from different angles in these matters.

The Security College US, trains today to improve performance within the respective unit, so that tomorrow they enjoy a great profession in civil life.​

Through research, feedback from industry professionals and security market dynamics, Security College US is incorporating these new subjects and vocational training programs into its academic offerings.

Diploma Degrees (Proprietary Degree from Security College US)


Intelligence and Security Analyst I
Advanced Intelligence and Security Analyst II
Economic Intelligence
Strategic Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
Cyber Intelligence and Security
Criminal Intelligence
Prospective Security Intelligence

Future Perspectives of Security Intelligence

Government Strategic Intelligence
These Diplomas are conducive to the Master Analyst of Intelligence and Security.

 PROFESSIONAL MASTER (Proprietary Degree from Security College US)

* MCSSE: Master’s in Security Sciences, Electronic Security Specialty.

* Master’s in Cyber War/Conflicts (New confrontation scenarios)